Created by Engr.Bidemi 2 years ago

Mummy,was a quintessential mother to me.

I have been hearing about her in the early 80s through my late father,Chief Oladapo Akinde,JP but I had a first contact with her in 1995 when her spouse,Emeritus Professor Eniola Adeniyi invited me to Ibadan for my one year IT with ADABOL Investment Ltd, and later in year 2000-2002,where she was the Vice Chairman.I would never forget that memorable two nights that I spent in their Arigidi,Bodija Estate house.

As young as I was then,mama never looked down on me.

Mama was an epitome of humility.A strong pillar that accommodated all.She was kind,disciplined, virtuous, dependable and reliable mother to me.

Mama,despite your infallibility,the adversaries would wholeheartedly admitted that you came,you saw and you conquered. 

Rest on Mummy.

From Engr.Oladapo,B.Temidara.